These type plans are a great alternative for consumers looking for major medical coverage that did not qualify for subsidies on ACA or bridging a gap from group insurance to an open enrollment period without a qualifying event or waiting for a new job insurance to become effective. These plans are not regulated by ACA, therefore can be written anytime throughout the year.

Benefits of Short Term Medical:

  • You can start the coverage quickly, maybe even the next day.
  • You can drop this coverage without any penalties.
  • You can choose from a range of premiums, deductible and benefit maximum amounts.
  • You can apply for another term of coverage if needed.
  • You can choose your own doctor and hospital without restriction but may be less expensive by using their network providers.
  • These are great for healthy people, but were not designed to cover all of the Essential Benefits on ACA
  • Some plans are renewable for up to 3 years.

These plans typically will not cover your routine office visits, maternity, mental health, or preventive care. They do not cover pre-existing conditions and DO require underwriting.  This means someone with a lot of health issues may not be able to get this type of coverage. Be sure to check the list of exclusions on any plan.

Give us a call to find out if short term insurance is an option for you.